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June 2015


Oops! Backup Fail

28th June 2015
A few months ago my server provider sold-out to a Chinese company and within weeks the problems started. I was left unable to sign into my cpanel or my hosting account and was left high and dry by them. Whilst I battled it out with them they eventually deleted all of my hosted data and as a result i lost more than 4 years of blog entries and posts. HD   Whilst I still have the pictures and video's, what i don't have is the written text for each blog entry.  I always backed up my data on a weekly basis but wasn't aware that my sql-database wasn't backing up! Without that; No blog! It's not like it's the first learning curve i've had with regards to backups (one example cost me £500 for data-recovery), but i guess some people never learn! So a new SSD drive, two 4TB external drives and a new tested WP-Backup plugin, I'm hoping i've learnt that lesson for good. I may well upload some previous content but I can barely remember what I did last week let alone over the last 4 years.